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Bld No: 503, Muttambalam, Kottayam, 686004

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Through a coordinated effort using software, inbound marketing and branding.
Using our software we analyze huge amounts of data and predict exactly the kind of content and creatives that are driving the target audience. This is a multi channel campaign through search, social, and paid campaigns to attract the audience and drive them through each of the sales funnel stages. A lot of it is done by hitting the free traffic sources such as SEO, blogs, content marketing, social networks, podcasts, social bookmarking, article submissions etc. The audience is given helpful advice and insights for free and their problems and pain points are addressed and solved. By helping people in their research and response tracking, the business attracts more qualified customers that trust the business before turning into a customer. In the meantime, we also focus on paid campaigns for quicker returns on investment. Once the audience turns into a prospect lead, they are automatically added into our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Email Marketing Software. The prospect is then continuously nurtured leading them towards the bottom of the funnel. This is done through an individualized strategy, personalized engagement and automated responses. Once they are ready to be converted, through automation, the converted customer is added into our Learning Management System (LMS) where they are onboarded into the company’s policies, processes, work etc., all without having to have a single conversation with the client.

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