Advertise with Us

Advertise with Kerala’s fast growing audience group, where people, find, rate and get business online. We are providing value-added services to our clients to promote their businesses through various online channels. Advertising through us will help you get your message finally to the people who will see them.

Display Ads.

We have various advertising plans in our website. You can choose the desired plan which will suit your business. Remember, all the payments are received online; no payments are collected as cash by our representatives. If somebody insists on cash payment please contact us at

We have banner display advertisement slots across the site. You can choose the appropriate slots as per the requirement. It is based on an online booking system and will be served on a first come first basis. The ads should be clear and precise and received well before the release date. All the display ads and creatives should be provided by the client. Our designers are also available to create ad material at an additional cost.


  • The time slot starts from the 1st of every month
  • Send your creatives to in the specified format at least 24 Hrs before the ad starts.
  • All the package validity will be 28 days

Articles and Reviews

It is another way of presenting your promotional content to our audience on a third person’s angle.

These ads are more result-oriented and informative to the readers. In a nutshell, articles and reviews are much like sponsored content but with the unique tone & feel of a customer’s personal experience. Our team members will help you get your message to resonate with our readers in a tone of voice that they know and trust.

Why should you choose this kind of approach?



    1. Increased brand exposure: Articles and reviews are viewed 70% more frequently than banner ads
    2. Better story-telling way
    3. Ad block friendly, complementary to other ads
    4. Provides long-tail exposure and SEO
    5. More informative than any other ad format
    6. More space for narrating the story
    7. People rely more on others’ experience