Listing Tips

The listing is very simple, though we are providing some tips to get better results for your listings. Just go through, it will be helpful if you are new to

If you are an existing customer or a new customer, you should know how to improve your listings to attract more users to your page. Here are a few tips to make your listings attractive and grab more attention from your target customers.
Title & Description Fields
Attractive Title: An attractive title will separate your listing out of the rest. You can give titles other than just a company name. ie. It can be ‘The company – Best Design Company Kerala’. Remember do not copy other people's titles. Avoid using the same titles for multiple listings, it may cause blocking of your listing. If you have a Malayalam title you can use it as well but keep in mind it will not be searchable as the search will not recognize Malayalam fonts. We advise using a multilingual title if you are insisting on a Malayalam title.

Apt Description: Short and precise descriptions play an important role in getting your listing popular. Make your description to the point and include a brief on the features and specialty of your service/product. Avoid adding address, contact details in this section as you have a specific section to give these details. Like the title, the description also can be in Malayalam, you can use any of this language to communicate with your prospective customers. Basic text decorations are possible for the description like bold, font size, color, etc. Use these features to make your listings more attractive.

Right Category: Choosing the right category is crucial in, to show your listing in the desired search results. If you are not sure about which category you are, click on the explore link provided in the top menu bar. You can see the entire category list to find out which is the best match for your business.

Keyword/Tags will help show your listing in other related categories you are working ie. if you are a hotel owner and you have listed in the 'hotel' category, but you have a restaurant within the hotel. The additional keyword/category can be added as tags so that the user search 'restaurant' will also show up your listing. You can see the suggested tags just below the field, but you can add your own keywords/tags as per your choices. You can add up to 10 -30 tags depending on your price package.
Category & Keyword/Tags adding fields.
Listing Type & Contact Details Fntering Fields
Listing Type or a sub-category is where you can specify your business fields. ie. In 'Travel' users have the choices as a 'taxi service', 'travel agent', or an 'airline office'. The right choice of the listing type will drive more traffic to your page. 

Contact Details (Only for Paid Users): Paid members are able to add their Telephone No., Email ID, and URL in the listing details, which will be a useful feature to contact you immediately once a user saw the listing.

Header Images are common for paid and non-paid customers, here the user will be able to add 3 images with the dimension above 450x300 each (for best results the images should be in the ratio of 6x4 /landscape). It will show at the top of your page. We suggest add your branding and other images that represent your company's services or products.

Downloads (Only for Paid Users): If you want to add some documents to download by users from your page, you have a provision here. You will be able to upload up to 10 documents and the acceptable formats will be PDF, DOC, TXT.

Gallery Pictures (Only for Paid Users): You can have up to 30 images in your gallery, for better results make sure you are using 6:4 ratio (landscape) images in 720x480 px size. Some common use of the galleries are product images, portfolios, service presentations, property / real-estate gallery, etc

Video URL (Only for Paid Users): If you have a video that is hosted on any of the social media platforms, the same can be played back within the page by adding your video URL to this field. It will give a facelift to your page and these videos can explain your services, product manufacturing, or a commercial that you recently released.

Add FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions are a powerful tool to solve customer issues. You can add an unlimited number of FAQs on your page related to your products and services. Find out what your customers need to know about your products or services and put it here, it will definitely help.

Header Images, Download Documents, Gallery Images, Video URL and FAQ updating fields
State, District/City and Address for Location entering fields
Address/Location: Adding an accurate location is very important to promote your listing; location will help your listing fall in the right search results. ie. If you are a hotel owner in Trivandrum and you want your listing to show up on top in the search results if somebody searches 'hotels in Trivandrum'. 

State/City: We are catering only for businesses in Kerala so the state will be always Kerala, choose your district as your City.

Address/Location: You can add your full business address here. In the new version, we have incorporated a map where you can mark your business location. In the search result page, the result s are marked on the map so that you can find the business easily. This feature will be very useful for walk-in customers.

Working Days, Working Hours and Holidays: In the improved listing features we have added options to show the working hours and holidays, It will be useful to your customer, whether you are open or not on a given day.

For registering with us, you need to give your email ID and a unique username at the bottom of the form, the username and password will come to your email. Use that details to login further and update your listings any time you need.

Add/Remove Working Days, Hrs, Holidays and Etc.
 Alternately you can sign in with Google or Facebook credentials, for that before you click on the 'add listing' button you should click on the 'sign-in' button in the top bar. On the Sign-in popup screen click Google/Facebook icon as per which account you want to use for login, follow the instructions, and finish login. After login, you can click 'Add Listing'. You need not give any email ID here as we take Google/Facebook email as your registered email. 

Note: Once you submit the listing you should wait for approval of the listing, the normal listing may take up to 3 days to verify but the classifieds and offer listings will be approved in a day's time.

Meantime you can log in to your account, and on the top bar, you will find a new icon that will guide you to your dashboard, where you can update your personal profile like bio, email, phone no, URL, Profile pictures, etc. Don't confuse with profile picture and gallery images, the profile picture is used to identify the user/owner of a listing. The brand name or a photograph of the user can be used as a profile picture. You may find many other features available in your pag. Find More about dashboard features visit our FAQ section.
Login with Facebook/Google
User Icon and Dashboard, Use Profile Settings to Edit your Perosnal or Company Details
Listing page where your profile image located