Pampady, Thiruvilwamala, Thrissur, Kerala- 680588


Keralans are familiar with the term “Ivormadom” (also spelled “Ivor madom,” “Ivarmadom,” and “Ivormadom”). In remembrance of the valiant warriors who lost their lives in the Mahabharata war, Panchapandavas have been doing Tarpana Karmas on the Nila bank in Thiruvilwamala and Pambady Panchayat; this practice eventually became known as “Aivarmath,” which means five. Still, the reality of the discoveries we do not know is great. A hardworking guy, a philanthropist, came to Ivormadom (“Ivor madam”, “Ivarmadom”, “Ivormadom”) as a worker and extended his zone of operation throughout the whole of Kerala and the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu with his service. The sole reason Ivormadom (“Ivor madam”, “Ivarmadom”, “Ivormadom”) Krishna Prasad Warrier has become a household name in Kerala is due to his exceptional work.

It is impossible to cremate a body without honoring the virtuous mind that selected it as his karma-mandal. It goes without stating that he is the God of over seventy workers now and that he resides in Pudhupariyaram, Palakkad. Despite having only completed the eighth grade, he is a pioneer in the field of science inventions. When he presented his iron shoe invention—which he had designed in 1998 to the incoming KSEB Assistant Engineer—to other undeserving individuals, the name and credit went to other people. His creations are hidden away in every nook and cranny of his home. Gas cremation was one of its types. First used in the Ivormadom crematorium, gas cremation later evolved into a contemporary technique.

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