For Business Owners

We believe that businesses across the country bring wealth and provide well being of society. They improve the per capita income of the country, state, or city. More than the promotion of a company, we genuinely intend to support whichever way possible to improve their business. We love to be a part of your business entity.

We have developed this application with the business owners in mind. Businesses across the globe are facing difficult times due to the epidemic evoke. Social distancing and other precautions may extend to many years. At this point getting business and standing out from the rest is very important for each business. brings forward a new model to promote, collaborate and survive in this highly competitive world of business. We anticipate each one of you get benefited through this wonderful platform.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should be Listed in

    1. Extensive Reach – We are the most explored business directory in Kerala since 2005.
    2. Business owners can have a mini website @ OSK allow adding images (upto 30 no.) company details, product/service images, downloads, contact form, review/rating options, loan calculator for vehicles/property/house etc and many more options at 100% free of cost.
    3. Avoid hevey expense for maintaining a website that is not giving any return on investments.
    4. We promote your business through various digital media platforms to get maximum reach for your business. Finding your business online is now just a click away.
    5. Create an impression on the internet. Internet penetration in Kerala is around 55% of the population and it is second, compared to other state percents. So percents in the digital media are very important now a days. People are publishing their products and services online wherever possible. There are many platforms available in the internet world and all these platforms are helping you reach more and more people.
    6. We have many promotional tools to choose from, it is free or at a minimum cost.
    7. Business owners, Manufacturers and product distributors can Publish and sell their products through our eCommerce platform.
    8. Options for featuring your Listing or Review of your business is available at a nominal costing.
    9. It is very much local and native service; you will get a targeted search @ OSK. No confusion or mess-ups.
    10. Map option will help your customers to navigate to your place easily.
    11. We are providing a single window solution for your business promotions, marketing and sales.