Existing User Tips

Our services start and end with customer relations, we have a wide knowledge base on what you get and where. For the last few months we have been working on the new version of OneStopKerala.com, and finally, it is ready to launch, the new version is more user friendly and informative. Please update your information on the website with the following simple steps

At last, the brand new version of the OneStopKerala.com – V3 is about to launch..! We have added many useful features to the listing in the new version. Now you can renew your free listing with the new site in a few simple steps. We are inviting all of our customers to log in with your existing email ID and update your listings today.

  • Step 1: Search your listing name/company name in the search bar and find out whether the listing is still active on the site.

Search your listings/company name here

  • Step  2: If your listing is there in the results, you can go to your profile on the right-hand side of the listing details page and find out the email ID which you have used for registration.

Locate your listing / company from the search results and click on it
Go to your profile page by clicking the view profile link on the right sidebar 
Locate your registered email id

  • Step  3: Now you can go to login and put your email ID in the ‘username’ field and give your password, proceed to enter to get into your dashboard. If you don’t have a password or lost your password you may click the ‘forgot password’ link and add your email ID to request a password reset. You will get the new password in your mail within a minute.

Find the login button on top bar and click to enter
Login with your email id and one-stop password 
Provide your email Id to get your password in your mail

  • Step  4: Once you retrieve your password you can log in to your dashboard and go to my listings. All the active listings are displayed there, you may click on the ‘edit icon’ right side of the listings section. There you can add or modify your details in the fields and submit to make the changes reflect on the site.
  • Step  5: Similarly you can go to ‘Edit Profile‘  and update your user profile, such as logos, contacts, biography, etc.

Find the Listing and Profile updating the link in the dashboard
Now your listing is eligible for search and you are ready to attract more customers, All the best for your business.

NB: By doing this we are assuming that you have read and agree with our renewed Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies.