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First Floor, Jyothi Building, Jaffer Khan Colony Road, Kerala - 673006

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Elixir Enviro Systems (P) Ltd has expertise in the design, build, supply, erection, and commissioning of odor control systems, biofilters, effluent treatment plants, industrial effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, municipal solid waste treatment, anaerobic digestion, high rate anaerobic digester.

We, a group of like-minded professionals, were always interested in giving back to society what we have gained through education. We firmly believe that the ultimate purpose of getting educated is to uplift the society around us. When the whole world is in a rat race to become “successful”, most of us are least bothered to secure the environment for the coming generations. We extract our available natural resources even without giving enough time for replenishment. In the middle of similar thoughts, we firmly decided to bring a change in the way we treat our environment.
Upon gaining basic knowledge in environmental engineering and a few years of professional experience, we decided to start our own company with the motto -“creating reliable environmental solutions”. We primarily aim to find reliable solutions to all the major environment-related issues we come across in our daily life and profit-making is secondary to us. Standing on these thoughts, we were in a rigorous search for a suitable name for our company. After a series of discussions, we narrowed down our thoughts to Elixir Enviro Systems (P) Ltd . The term ‘Elixir’ was believed to be the eternal medicine that can cure all diseases and prolong life. With a peerless range of technical expertise and accredited services, we also aim to find the best solutions for burning issues related to the environment.

Our company started its operations in 2014 and completed our first project on odor control systems in a fish meal processing factory.

We are always devoted to introducing novel and value-based approaches in every project we work on and save you money and time by focusing on efforts that balance practicality, regulatory requirements, and cost-effectiveness.

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